Protect and organise your online data.

DataPod enables users to download all their online data locally. And then protect and organise it on a privacy-first dashboard.


From emails to chats to photos, your personal data is scattered across multiple web services and is vulnerable to account freezes, lockouts and hacking attempts.

Get in control of your online data. Sign up for DataPod today.

DataPod is designed to ensure your personal data stays locally on your computer. No one but you have access to your personal data.

With DataPod, you get

  • Download and own your online data on your computer
  • Consolidate your data spread across multiple web services
  • Encrypt and backup your data on local storage or a secure cloud
  • Organise and de-clutter your online life
  • Search through all your data in one place
  • Analyse and visualise to gain insights about your digital life
  • Explore your digital footprint & understand your data exposure
  • Move your data to more privacy-conscious services
  • Delete your data from services that don’t respect your privacy